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Business Management

Data analytics for informed business decisions.

What we do

We offer a range of virtual business management services:


Process Optimisation

We can review end to end processes to identify opportunities and increase efficiency


Processes Documentation & SOPS

We implement methodology to ensure consistency across individual outputs

Demand Planning

Essential to understanding back office workload, delivery timelines and expectation setting

Customer Feedback Activities

We can undertake analytical customer feedback questionnaires to understand the voice of the customer, opportunity for growth and continuous improvement

Presentation of Results

We can ensure that the information presented is suited to the targeted audience

Data Entry

We can transpose raw information into a functional format

Data Analysis

We can undertake analytical customer feedback questionnaires to understand the voice of the customer, opportunity for growth and continuous improvement



Time consuming, low “value add”, repetitive tasks can be outsourced to us – so you can focus on long term vision and strategy for the business

Virtual Business Management

Why we are different

With a background in large corporations, I can offer you a range of administrative solutions for your business: a one stop shop for multiple skill sets within one service. 

Reduce low occupancy and unproductive time of fixed term staffing in the office by outsourcing end to end tasks at a competitive rate. 

Whatever assistance your business needs, as a skilled Online Business Manager, I can help:

  • Process optimisation
  • Processes documentation
  • Demand planning
  • Customer feedback
  • Presentation of results
  • Data analysis
  • Data entry
  • Social media support

If you want to know, just get in touch to discuss your business’ needs.

Our Skills

Our principal, Amber Potocnik, is an experienced administrator with a 10+ year career in data analysis for big business.

Amber has a range of business skills garnered throughout her corporate career before making a “sea-change” to Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland, in 2018.

“I grew up in Melbourne where I attended Monash University (Clayton) and studied a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English Literature and Philosophy. While completing my thesis I took a role as a customer service representative at a Superannuation Administration company.  While there I quickly progressed into a support and analytic role within the workforce planning team. 

“This niche development role began my career in the industry I had the pleasure of working for companies such as Salmat, Mercer and the Commonwealth bank, encompassing 16 years of industry experience including vendor lead Workforce Planning courses and COPC Lean six sigma qualifications (green and yellow belt).

“I have lead team-focused projects, delivered and implemented business optimisation recommendations and interacted with cross-functional staff performing a range of roles.  

“I have developed a solid foundation in the basic principles of business and resource planning strategy, a multitude of software and program experience and strong communication and time management capabilities in order to thrive in this challenging and energising field.”

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